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About The Author

Janice Hope

Janice Hope is an author, teacher, motivational speaker, and Intuitive Healing Facilitator known as the Angel Lady. 

She has been helping clients with their wellbeing for the last 35 years using various modalities, including Energetic Integration, Breath Work, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Past-Life Regression, and the Infinity Love Process.

Janice works with Angels and Guides to help identify her client’s core issues or the blockages behind symptoms. She is also a medium and receives insights from her client’s loved ones on the other side.

Most of her work has been done from the sacred ceremonial grounds of Idyllwild, California, honoring the Native American ways of our ancestors. From her teepee, she guided many drumming circles with her Soul sisters to experience a deeper connection with Great Spirit and God.